The best Sexual experience You Can Think of Now is Right Here

We are in 2019 and yet we still talk little about it, fortunately the issue is no longer a taboo and we begin to become familiar with the rather sensible idea that everyone is free to live their sexuality as they see fit, following their own instincts and its own nature. It is therefore right to address the issue of protection in lesbian sex. As in any sexual intercourse neither this is immune from the risk of contagion of sexually transmitted diseases. The first step to avoid them and fully enjoy each intimate relationship is information and prevention.


Prevention and protection in sexual relations of all kinds should never be underestimated but must always be placed first. To become infected, only one risky relationship is needed, while treating transmitted diseases is much more difficult and difficult, not to mention how annoying and painful they are, for some there is an easy remedy, for others more invasive and prolonged treatments are needed, for others there is no solution . In order not to ruin your life forever, just pay attention to simple precautions. Lesbian relationships are no exception to this primordial rule. Here are some tips to fully enjoy sex with your partner in a completely protected and safe way. For the lesbian escort service this things do occur now.

Never without a condom and careful hygiene

When the exchange of body fluids occurs it is very easy to contract sexually transmitted diseases such as candida, chlamydia, vaginal herpes and AIDS. The vagina is also an internal organ, difficult to observe, unlike the boys who have everything in plain sight, noticing any changes in the color or density of the mucous membranes is even more difficult if not with the manifestation of more intense symptoms. The condom is a workhorse, so there is also a vaginal condom. There are various types, the most common are those that fit inside the vagina and simply slip off at the end of the relationship. The second type is a 25 x 15 cm latex tissue that should be placed over the vagina covering and protecting the anus as well.

The Classic Options for You

The classic condom, the typically male condom is perfect for the use of sex toys such as vibrators and other erotic games , which will be well washed and disinfected after each use and changed to a condom when switching from one partner to another, for better cleaning of objects it is advisable to use 70% alcohol . We must also pay close attention to hygiene, thoroughly washing the intimate parts and even more the hands and fingers before and after each report.

Oral sex should be absolutely avoided if there re lesions or cuts on the lips and tongue. Maximum hygiene must be ensured in anal sex , as the anus is less protected than the vagina (only one cell layer against 5 of the vagina) and less elastic, therefore more subject to contracting bacterial infections, easily transmitted from one orifice to another .