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Another factor favoring premature ejaculation is the abundance of tensions in the pelvic and abdominal muscles, produced by all the actions you undertake on a daily basis. To relieve these tensions, Kegel exercises are all for the treatment of the pelvic area . Otherwise, yoga, stretching and training in general are also good ways to proceed. A full body massage can also do a lot of good, ideally done by a professional masseuse. The idea here is not to provide an erotic touch, but to enjoy the care of an expert who knows how to relax your muscle tension and regenerate your body.

The start-stop method

You have probably already heard of this hard training, which aims to increase the control you have of your ejaculation by habit. The method is very simple: when you feel that you are about to have your orgasm, at the moment of ultimate excitement that precedes the denouement of the sexual act, you stop the stimulation completely and let down your feeling of excitement intense. Once you are calmed, start again, then stop again what you were doing when you feel your orgasm about to explode again. It will be hard to stop at the beginning, but that’s why it’s so effective. With the new orleans escorts the time flows perfectly.

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Masturbation is the best practice you can offer in anticipation of sex with a partner. However, when they masturbate, men tend to work very hard to have their orgasm and move on as quickly as possible, whereas in our current situation, the goal is rather to train to last the longest possible before ejaculation. In this perspective, change your habits and rather than hurry to finish, practice the method “start-stop” and gradually develop your control over yourself. Give yourself some challenges, for example try to make your pleasure last for at least twenty minutes before giving you the right to have your orgasm. Then, use imagination! Sexual Images, Videos, Sex Toys – There is a variety of things to make your solo sessions more exciting.

Try different sexual positions

For many men, the so-called classic position of the missionary is one of the most stimulating. However, it is the one most often associated with premature ejaculation, because of the pelvic tension it generates, as we discussed earlier. In order to reduce your chances of reaching orgasm too soon, try positions that do not involve muscle contraction in this area, such as the position of Andromache (the woman on top), the teaspoons (both partners lying on the side, the man behind) and doggy style (more commonly called the doggy style ).

Other treatments

There are other methods to help you last longer in bed, the particularities of which may not go to each person. Desensitizing creams, for example, are useful, but when it comes to sexuality, is not the idea actually about feeling sensations? If you ever ejaculate during the foreplay stage, a good way to get used to delaying this moment may be to restart the stimulation, to force you to return to erection and resume the process.